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Zimbabwe: Angry Man Ties Wife To A Tree, Whips Her For cheating

Story from the Kitwe times Website

A 30 year Plumtree man tied his wife to a tree before assaulting her with a whip after accusing her of infidelity.Read more: http://kitwetimes.com/2014/07/angry-man-ties-wife-to-a-tree-whips-her-for-cheating/

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Conjoined Twins Separated

Story from the Kitwe times Website

Zimbabwean surgeons have successfully separated conjoined twin babies, a first for the country’s down-at-heel health service and an achievement that has been hailed by President Robert Mugabe. Read more: http://kitwetimes.com/2014/07/photoszimbabwe-conjoined-twins-separated/