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Zambia: Hotel guests’ get a treat as elephants invade Mfuwe lodge lobby [VIDEO]

Video from the One Green Planet Website   Story from the Lusaka Times Website Hotel guests at the Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia will have no need to go out on safari, after a hungry herd of elephants wandered into their lobby. Click here for the Full Story CLICK HERE FOR MORE ZAMBIAN NEWS WEBSITES


Zambia: ZAWA urged to crop crocodiles on Lake Kariba as another person is killed

Story from the Lusaka Times Website

Another person has died from a crocodile attack on the shores of Lake Kariba, adding to the ever increasing deaths occasioning from crocodile attacks in areas along the lake shores in Gwembe district. Click here for the Full Story


Zambia: Zambia’s plans for national airline intensify

Story from tthe Lusaka Times Website

Zambia has intensified its push to re-establish a national airline to help boost the tourism industry in line with the new government’s plan to re-align tourism as one of the frontline economic sectors. Click here for the Full Story


Spirit of the Land

Spirit of the Land is a personal project by photographer Stephen Robinson.

It aims to document the landscape of Zambia, especially its unknown, remote landscapes, in a distinct style.

The Project uses the panoramic format, which the photographer believes better replicates the way the human eye explores and takes in a scene.  The photographs are therefore presented just as they were viewed in-camera by the photographer’s eye – full frame, without selective cropping or enlargement.

The Photographer believes that, in this fast changing era of development in Zambia, it is important to document and show the rich abundance of the country’s largely unknown or unappreciated natural resources; to increase awareness of them; and to ensure that they become valued to the extent that they will be conserved and utilized on a sustainable basis.  His travels in remote areas have shown him that the very way of life and the day-to-day survival of many rural populations in Zambia will depend on such environmental awareness and action.

Since the website’s launch in January 2006, this on-line exhibition has been visited by over 40,000 people from all regions of the World.  Visitor feedback has shown that the website has become a global resource for educational use and for the promotion of Zambia in the travel & tourism and development & investment fields.

The project continues as new work is added from all parts of Zambia.

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