Inside Zambia  Magazine is Zambia’s first News Magazine, established by a group of Journalists It is born out of a passion to give the country in-depth, insightful coverage of national events and issues, in an objective, educative and highly skillful manner. It is also the first magazine that covers political, economic and social developments. This aspect has eased the marketing of the magazine to the active every one throughout the country, through a distribution network that has targeted every selling point The Magazine is published by Tulumbe media Limited.

The magazine is currently distributed throughout the country through, bookshops, supermarkets and individual sales agents.  Distribution started with 2000 copies in Lusaka and 500 copies on the copper belt. We are now selling over 5000 copies along the line of rail including Eastern province.

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86th Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show

Theme: Building on Today’s Prosperity

Date: 2-Aug to 6 – Aug 2012

Location: Agricultural & Commercial Society of Zambia (SHOW GROUNDS)  opposite  Manda Hill Mall

The Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show is held once a year involving all sectors of the economy namely Livestock, Agricultural machinery and implements, Poultry and it’s products, Horticulture, Manufacturing, Industrial equipment, Motor vehicles, Plastics products, Trading, Financial services, Forestry and it’s products, Fishing e.t.c

The show provides an important platform to showcase Zambia’s products and also gives an opportunity for foreign businesses to promote their products on the Zambian market.

The first Show was held in 1919 and has since been held every year thereafter with the exeception of the years 1921,1941 to 1946 because of the first and second World Wars, and in 1966 as well due to Rhodesia’s Unilateral Declaration of Independence the previous November, which led to the occupation of a large part of the Showgrounds by the aircrew of the Royal Air Force.

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Zambia Job Portal

Zambia Job Portal is a job portal for Zambian nationals and foreigners who would like to work in Zambia.

Have you recently graduated or have resigned from your job or just simply in search of greener pastures? Are you looking for that perfect candidate to match that ultimate job? Well look no further, the Zambia Job Portal is the perfect place for you!

Vernacular Architecture in Zambia

In Zambia, as well as the rest of Africa, western materials and construction techniques are rapidly replacing traditional ones. This is true even in the most remote areas Modern methods are seen as “civilized” and a reflection of affluence.
Traditional materials and construction techniques have implications of being substandard or “primitive”. As a result, these techniques are not being passed on to future generations. In just a few generations, this part of Zambian culture could be only a memory. Read More

Zambia International Trade Fair

The ZITF board and management have come up with the theme for the 2012 trade fair.The 2012 trade fair will be held under the theme: CREATING SYNERGIES BEYOND BORDERS.

Date/Time Date(s) – 27 Jun 2012  until 3 Jul 2012 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Location Zambia International Trade Fair Grounds

The Zambia International Trade Fair is a general exhibition of all types of goods. It is held under the programme, aims and objectives of the Zambia Industrial and Commercial Show Society Limited. The Fair is held annually in Ndola towards the end of June and the beginning of July, coinciding with the celebrations to mark the Unity and Heroes Days, which are Public Holidays. The duration of the event is seven days. Participation in the Fair averages 50 foreign companies and 200 local exhibitors. The authority of the Fair is vested in the Board of Directors of the Society.

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