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  1. Hello,

    i would like information on the following ASAP, i have a client who might be interested in using your services:

    My client would like to know;

    • If they would be able to search a database of CareerSeekers or if it is advertise only.

    • your price list for advertising

    • Specialisations and levels of skill of the database / Career Seekers.

    This is for advertising in Zambia

  2. Hi there, I’ve been reading some of your blog entries the past few weeks and I think my team and I can give you the kind of content you need. Obviously, as a blog host, you know that engaging and captivating content is the only thing that keeps people coming back for more.
    So here’s my question to you: if you had access to a small but growing and elite group of top-notch writers from North America, Europe, Oceania and Asia who have contributed (in a small way) to the success of Facebook, Intuit, ISKCON, Greenpeace International, Alamy Images and other major organizations, and could give you a steady stream of content ranging from articles to infographics to videos, would you be interested in a meeting to discuss possibilities?
    If you just caught yourself nodding your head subconsciously, please get in touch with me by email on content@keydifference.com or Skype me at content.key and we’ll talk synergy!

  3. Re : Design Your Dreams


    Hope you doing well.

    If you are concerned regarding any E-commerce or personal website solution, please don’t concerned.We provide complete Web Solution for your website.
    We use set of protocols to complete any website.
    Step1: We analyze your website requirement and give you best possible suggestion without any cost
    Step2: We design a home page for your website with unlimited revisions without any cost
    Step3: Once you approve the design, you need to pay only 30% of total discussed cost.
    Step4: We develop your website within discussed timeframe. Once the website is complete you can pay remaining 70% and we will upload website to your server.
    It’s a risk free best deal for you without any hidden terms and conditions. We guarantee you nobody can give you this Irresistible deal
    Waiting for your reply;


    jospeh rony

    SEO – PPC – SMO – Link Building – Copyright – Web Designing – PHP

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