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Zambia: New Apostolic Church donates to UTH

Story from the ZANIS Website
The Sisters Fellowship of the New Apostolic Church of Zambia central congregation has donated food stuffs to University Teaching Hospital (UTH) children’s ward. Read More


Zambia: Chief Macha Bans Church Crusades In His Chiefdom

Story from the Koala Times Website
GATHERINGS such as overnight prayers, crusades, and church camp meetings have been banned in Macha chiefdom in Choma as they have been identified among drivers of HIV/AIDS in the area. Read More


Zambia: A Call to Prayer

Story from the Lusaka Times Website
This is not a time to fold our arms and watch evil men out of greed and selfish ambitions drive this country to utter confusion and destruction, let’s not take for granted the peace that our fore fathers so dearly fought for and shed their blood. Read More


Zambia: Teachers Flee School,Health Workers threaten to abandon posts

Story from the Tumfweko Website
Kapiri Mposhi Teachers and their Families at Kakwelesa Basic School in Chief Mukonchi’s area in Kapiri Mposhi district have fled the learning institution in fear of witchcraft. Kapiri Mposhi district commissioner Beatrice Sikazwe said health workers have also threatened to abandon their posts due to alleged witchcraft .Read More


Zambia: Council of Churches warns the public to be wary of dubious ‘men of God’

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has learnt with disbelief the conduct of a named church bishop who sexually abuse underage children in the name of conducting exorcism. Read more:

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Nigeria: Disturbing video shows how Boko Haram beheaded Nigerian Air Force officer

Sahara Reporters shared a disturbing video which showed a Nigerian Air officer identified as Umar Abubakar being interrogated and later gruesomely murdered by Boko Haram men in Borno state. The sect men then paraded with his head in a jubilant display.

The victim, who was extensively interrogated before his gruesome killing, identified himself as Umar Abubakar, disclosing that he was a member of Section 9 of the Nigerian armed forces engaged in counter-insurgency measures against Boko Haram.

In the video clip, the insurgents asked their victim to state his monthly pay to which he replied N40,000. He also disclosed that his commanding officer was a 2nd lieutenant. The insurgents displayed their victim’s identity card, chanting that the world should know that Allah had given them an enemy.

“So you were sent to kill Boko Haram? And you are serving the state instead of Allah? We are members of Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati Wal-Jihad and Allah has given us an infidel today,” one of the Islamist sect’s leaders said in the video.

Thinking that reprieve would come his way, the captured military operative proclaimed himself a Muslim of Jama’atu Izalal extraction, but the insurgents, who spoke Hausa mixed with Kanuri, dismissed his plea. Their leader said: “No amount of prayers will save you, we will judge you according to the Quran.”

To the chants of Allahuakubar, the insurgents decapitated the hapless officer. After beheading their victim, the terrorists held up his severed head in jubilation as one of them used a mobile phone to film the gory scene. The victim’s headless body can be seen on the ground in a pool of blood, his hands tied with a rope.

Watch Video:

Mase : Losing My Religion … But Getting My Game On

On-again, off-again rapper/pastor Mase has officially left his parishioners of the El Elyon International Church high and dry … and has run back to the rap game full time.

TMZ broke the story … and it’s sensational in every way.Mase, who “retired” from rap in 1999 to pursue a career in the ministry, built up thousands of followers split into two churches in Atlanta and Phoenix … preaching the virtues of marriage and family values.

That all came crashing down earlier this year when Mase and his wife divorced, causing most of his flock to flee in anger. As for those stalwart loyalists, well Mase says … screw them. He’s dropped all ties with both churches and is playing regular rap gigs around L.A., jumping back into his former lifestyle hardcore.

Zambia: Pastor arrested for failed Armed Robbery at Lusaka’s Manda Hill Shopping Mall

A KABWE-BASED pastor who was allegedly armed with an AK47 assault rifle and his accomplice have been arrested after a failed aggravated robbery at Lusaka’s Manda Hill Shopping Mall. Read more:

From the Lusaka Voice Website

Colombia: T.B Joshua packs stadium in Colombia World Cup style

Nigerian famous Prophet T.B. Joshua jam-packed a stadium in Cali, Colombia as he began his two day crusade on Friday, reports Correspondent. Thousands, upon thousands, filled the stands and overflowed onto the field area as they were eager to experience the anointing of God in the life of the Nigerian pastor they have heard so much about. Read more:

From the Zambian Eye Website

Brazil: 8-Year-Old Preacher Who Can Cure HIV Just With Her Touch

Story from the Tumfweko Website

On the outskirts of Rio, deep in the slums of San Gonzalo, where faith is high and poverty is everywhere, believers flock to a little Pentecostal church. Read more:

Zambia: Islamic Council of Zambia condemns Boko Haram attacks

Story from the Lusaka Times Website

Islamic Supreme Council of Zambia (ICZ) has condemned the continuous havoc by Boko Haram against innocent people in Nigeria. Read more:

Zambia: Homosexuals should be willing to get spiritual help – Rev Mwanza

Story from the Lusaka Times Website

The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) has observed that much as the church is willing to offer spiritual help to Homosexuals, those practising it should also be willing to get help. Read more:

Zambia/England: Homosexuals need Jesus Christ and that the church should pray for them-Archbishop of Canterbury

Story from the Lusaka Times Website

THE Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby says homosexuals need Jesus Christ and that the church should pray for them. He told journalists in Kitwe yesterday that ‘gay people need the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ just like anyone else. Read more: