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Zambia: ‘No wine and women’- Roy Penny

Story froNo wine and womenm the Daily Nation Website

YOUNG Zambian golfers still need dedication to reach the highest level in the sport, says Zambia Sugar Golf Open championship organising committee chairperson Roy Penny. Penny said the young players had the ability to achieve world class standards but needed more dedication to attain the highest level in golf. Read More


Zambia: Court Fines A Grade 11 Pupil K 3,500 For Impregnating A Grade 12 Pupil

Story from the Kopala Times Website

Zambian Court RoomA GRADE eleven pupil of Kabanana site and service has been fined K3,500 in the Boma Local Court for impregnating his fellow pupil aged 16. Read More


Zambia: Police release CBU students

Story from the ZNBC Website

Police in Kitwe have started releasing the over 3-Hundred Copperbelt University students who were picked up during unrest at the campus on Monday.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Joyce Kasosa ZP“………..The student’s on Monday fought running battles with police after they blocked Jambo Drive in protest over the work stoppage by lecturers.” Read More


Zambia: Elias Chipimo Jr. organizes 200 scholarships for young people in Zambia

OPPOSITION National Restoration Party has announced it has arranged up to 200 scholarships for Bachelor and Masters Programmes being offered in Chinese Universities commencing in September 2015 for Zambian students.
“………Chipimo Jr., a Rhodes Scholar has invited School leavers and those currently studying in tertiary institutions to submit applications” Read More

Zambia: Police bust a sex ring in Kanyama Township, as 14 children are arrested

Story fro the Lusaka Times Website
A sex scandal has been busted in Lusaka’s Kanyama Township where 14 juveniles have so far been arrested in connection with the sex scandal.

“…….Meanwhile, 30 schools have been closed in Lusaka’s Kanyama Township following an outbreak of Typhoid.” Read More


Zambia: 50 ‘Teachers’ swindled

Story from the Independent Observer Website
OVER 50 prospective teachers have been swindled out of thousands of Kwacha by conmen masquerading as Ministry of Education Human Resource Offices charged with the responsibility of enlisting the services of 5,000 graduate teachers. Read More


Zambia: 2014 Grade 12 results officially released

Newly appointed Minister of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education- Mr Michael Kaingu has today Friday, 13th February 2015 officially released the 2014 Grade 12 Examination results.

The Results can be checked from mobile phone through the following procedure;

1. Open the message pad on your mobile phone

2. Type the Full 10 digit Examination Number (Leave space)

3. Type Examination Year (Leave space)

4. Type Examination Grade and then

5. Send to 8383

For example:
1410134768 2014 G12 and send to 8383

This service is currently available to ZAMTEL and AIRTEL Subscribers ONLY at a cost of K4 for each successful transmission.

Zambia: Government engages 11 contractors for 9,600 bed spaces for UNZA, CBU and Evelyn Hone

Story from the Lusaka Times Website
Government says it has engaged eleven contractors to build 9, 600 bed spaces at the three highest learning universities and Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce, respectively. Read More


Zambia: Grade 7 pupil delivers New Year baby

Story from the Zambia Daily Mail Website
LUSAKA’s University Teaching Hospital (UTH) yesterday recorded 23 New Year babies, including a set of twins. And a grade seven pupil has delivered a New Year baby in Kabwe. Read More



1. Know your limit. If you do not already know how much alcohol you can handle without losing control, try it out one time at home with your parents or friend present. Explain to them what you are attempting to learn. Most people find that no more than a drink an hour will keep them in control of the situation and avoid drunkenness. Have your parents or friend videotape you while you are attempting to see what happens when you consume more than the recommended one drink per hour.

2. Eat food while you drink. It is particularly good to eat high protein foods such as cheese and peanuts, which help to slow the absorption of alcohol into the circulatory system. Many cultures consume alcohol only with food to prevent various problems.

3. Sip your drink. If you gulp a drink for the effect, you are losing a pleasure of drinking, namely tasting and smelling the various flavors. This is particularly true for wine.

4. Accept a drink only when you really want one. At a party if someone is trying to force another drink on you, ask for ice or drink a non-alcoholic beverage.

5. Cultivate taste. Choose quality rather than quantity. Learn the names of fine wines, whiskeys, and beers. Learn what beverage goes with what foods.

6. Skip a drink now and then. When at a party, have a nonalcoholic drink between the alcoholic one to keep your blood alcohol concentration down. Space your alcoholic drinks out to keep the desired blood alcohol concentration.

7. When drinking out, if you must drive home, have your drinks with a meal, not afterwards. This allows time for the alcohol to be burned up and for it to be absorbed slowly into the circulatory system.

8. Beware of unfamiliar drinks. Such drinks as zombies and other fruit and rum drinks can be deceiving, as the alcohol is not always detectable, and it is difficult to space them out.

9. Make sure that drinking improves social relationships rather than impairs them. Serve alcohol as an adjunct to an activity rather than as the primary focus. Have a German night party rather than just getting together to drink beer.

10. Appoint a designated driver. Have someone available who will not be drinking and will drive all drinkers home. This is critical if the person has consumed more than one drink per hour.

11. Use alcohol carefully in connection with other drugs.This includes over the-counter drugs such as sleeping pills and cold or cough medicines. Alcohol should be avoided while taking certain antibiotics, arthritic, anti depressant, and many other prescription medications. Check with your physician or pharmacy before you drink while on any prescription drug.

12. Respect the rights of individuals who do not wish to drink. It is considered impolite to attempt to get people to drink who do not wish to. They may abstain for religious or medical reasons, because they are recovering alcoholics, or they just may not like the taste and effect it has on them.

13. Avoid drinking mixed drinks on an empty stomach on a hot day. This might produce hypoglycemia, which can cause dizziness, weakness, and mood change.

14. If you know that you will have to drive after consuming alcohol, limit your consumption to no more than one drink an hour. In reality many people who have a drink with a meal have no other option other than to drive home. Consuming NO MORE than one glass of wine, beer or mixed drink with a meal in a hour is generally safe for driving.

15. Upper limit of drinks for males is 21 and for females is 14 drinks per week. Most studies suggest that these limits are safe for health. In older individuals moderate drinking may help prevent against heart disease. This amount, of course, is spread out over a weeks period. This means for males no more than 2-3 drinks and for females 1-2 drinks per day preferably with meals.

Getting started with Twitter

Congratulations! You’ve taken that big first step and signed up for a Twitter account. We’re thrilled to have you on board. You’re going to have a lot of fun.

But it’s not going to be easy. Twitter takes a lot of work, has a bit of a steep learning curve and can be a pretty scary place on day one. There are all those confusing characters and symbols, strange, shortened links, pressure to follow people you don’t know and so many daunting acronyms and buzz words. And what in blue blazes is a hashtag!?

Fear not, because help is at hand. Here are 10 must-learn lessons for Twitter newbies.

1. Twitter isn’t Facebook. It’s an open public network and unless you protect your tweets (that is, make your account private) everything you say can be seen by anyone, right from the start. Your tweets are findable in Twitter search and also mined by Google and other search engines. But that doesn’t matter as that’s how it’s meant to be: Twitter is all about sharing information. Don’t protect your updates unless you really have something to hide or somebody to hide away from. And if either of these things are true, I’m not sure a public network is the right place for you.

2. Twitter has some really strange jargon. And Twitter knows this, so they’ve created an official glossary. Bookmark it and refer to it often – and definitely read up on hashtags.

3. The maximum length of your username is 15 characters. But you can change it anytime you like to anything that is available. And if you’ve gone with something Twitter recommended, and especially if you’ve got a number stuck at the end of your name because lots of people got there before you, then you really, really should. And the change is seamless – you don’t lose any followers or anything like that (although it’s worth announcing a username change if you have a lot of followers). Don’t change it all the time as that drives people crazy – find a good username and stick with it. Tip: the shorter your username, the better, as it makes it easier for people to re tweet you and/or fit your tag within long tweets.

4. It’s okay to lurk. In fact, it’s normal – more than half of all Twitter users never tweet, they simply consume the content of the people they follow. So, not only is lurking good practice until you get into the swing of things, but there’s nothing to stop you lurking forever. Twitter can be an amazing source of data, and you don’t have to write even a single tweet to tap into that. But at the same time, if you have things to say,then you can improve that data by getting involved.

5. The maximum number of characters in a tweet is 140. But you should quickly get into the mentality of leaving at least 20 characters free to leave plenty of space for people to retweet you, as some people like to add comments to retweets. Indeed, I recommend writing tweets to a limit of 100 characters or less, which leaves plenty of room for a link and retweet space.

6. Any link you share on Twitter will automatically be shortened. This saves you space. Twitter converts (and shortens) every link into their internal shortener, which has great analytics. Alternatively, you can use if you want additional metrics.

7. You can only send a direct message to somebody if they are following you. And vice versa. (Note: you don’t have to both be following each other. Direct messages can be very one-way, i.e., celebrities and their millions of fans.) This is done to protect people from being bombarded with spam. If somebody is bugging you via direct message, unfollow them. Problem solved.

8. You don’t have to follow people back. You’re under no obligation to follow anybody. Twitter doesn’t work unless you’re careful to only follow people who are right for YOU.

9. If you start a tweet with @username, it’s a reply. And will only be seen by the person you replied to and people who are following both of you. Nobody else will see it in their stream (although it will show up on your profile page and in Twitter search).

10. If you tag a username anywhere but at the start of the tweet, everybody following you will see that message. This is called a mention. It’s important to quickly learn the difference between this and a reply, as above. (Some people have been using Twitter for years and still don’t know how this works.)

Kenya: Two 11year Old Grade 5 Female Pupils Caught Leaving School to Sleep with Men

These Kenyan girls were caught red-handed on hidden camera by some security agents who saw when they were changing their school uniform to some normal wears so they won’t be recognized as students.

So the security men silently followed them to their secret hide-out, and behold some men were already waiting for them there.

But so unfortunately for them, before they could start engaging in their ungodly act, the security men busted them.

So during an open confession, the 2 female students uncovered how it all happened

It happens that one of their friends (an older lady) has been the one arranging men who pays them some huge amount of money just to sleep with them. So all they do is to sneak out of school during break time so that before the school dismisses they must have been through with the men and quickly return home so their parents won’t suspect them.

Change their uniforms to some casual wears on their way to the hide-out so that people won’t be able to recognise them easily. And return home exactly the school dismissal time. And guess what, these girls have been doing it for almost a year

-Gossip Mill

Zambia: Grade 9 exam dates adjusted

Story from the Independent Observer
Government has made adjustments to the 2014 Grade 9 Examination Time table. The history and Science Paper 1 which were scheduled to be written Tuesday November 11, 2014 will now be written on Monday, November 24. The timing of the examinations remains unchanged , while other examination papers will be written as originally indicated in the 2014 Grade 9 Time Table. Read More


Zambia: Copperbelt University(CBU) students Riot

Copperbelt University (CBU)

Copperbelt University (CBU)

Story from the Times of Zambia Website
FOUR Copperbelt University (CBU) students were yesterday apprehended following riots at the institution over unpaid meal allowances. Meanwhile, Education Minister John Phiri has urged the students to remain patient as the meal allowances delay is being addressed. Read More