Elephantiasis of genitals

Zambia: Over 15, 000 Luanshya Residents Infected With Elephantiasis

Story from the Kitwe Times Website

Elephantiasis of genitalsOVER 15,000 Luanshya residents infected with Elephantiasis, Luanshya District Commissioner, Harold Mbaulu has disclosed, representing nine per cent of the district’s population, is infected with Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) commonly known as elephantisis.

“……..Lymphatic Filariasis infection is an inflammation generally found in the legs, causing swelling and can also affect in extremities, breasts, arms and genitals which can manifest in both men and women.” Read More


One thought on “Zambia: Over 15, 000 Luanshya Residents Infected With Elephantiasis”

  1. What is the government through ministry of health doing to combat it. W@ re they doing to prevent the spreading of it. Are they waiting for it to be 500 000 people. Even 1person should cause worry.

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