Kenya: Housemaid Caught on Camera Breastfeeding Employers Baby

A housemaid in Nairobi, Kenya has been arrested after she was caught on camera attempting to breastfeed her employer’s 9 month old baby, Nairobi News reports.

The maid, Grace Mwikali Mwema, had just been employed two days prior to the incident.

A hidden camera in the living room showed Mwema offering the 9-month old baby her breasts to suck.

However, the baby resisted. Reports state that “the baby’s mother says she could not believe her eyes as she watched a live feed from the nanny camera on her smart phone while at work.”

The child’s mum had installed a nanny camera in her home to monitor the maid she’d employed just two days before the incident. She said when the nanny was confronted, she first claimed that the baby was the one playing with her breast but later admitted when she was told she’d been filmed doing the unnatural act.

The woman called the police who arrested the maid and later posted the video to her Facebook page.

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