Malawi: Davido Goes Nuts, Attacks Fan

Despite renowned for being the Warm Heart of Africa with kind hearted people, it appears Malawi did not give Davido the treat he anticipated.

“Bored,” the Nigeria’s pop sensation summed up his visit to Malawi on an update he posted on his official Instagram.

However, this did not go well with some Malawians who took to social media to hit back at the 22 year old Nigerian with some suggesting Davido was getting bored with Malawi because there were no bombs exploding in the background courtesy of Boko Haram.

To show that this was not just banter with himself however, a crazy viral video has surfaced purportedly showing the multi-award winning artists throwing a jab at a bystander during an organised walk around the City of Lilongwe.

It’s unclear who this person gettin what appears to be the right hook is, but an eye witness alleged it was aimed at a security guard who wanted to take a picture with the Aye hit maker.

“The video could either be doctored or be of someone impersonating Davido to tarnish the image of M Cinemas because it is owned by a Nigerian guy,” M Cinema Promotions Manager, Sitha Kandodo, told Malawi24 in an interview.

He however refused to explain if there were some disagreements between Davido and M Cinema who flew the Nigerian artist to attend Spirits of the Assassin film premiere.

“Davido is a human being like anyone else. It is possible he was frustrated by something but I cannot speak for him. How can I speak on his behalf? All I know is that everyone gets angry at times but that was not to do with his visit to Malawi”.

Kandodo added: “This will however not derail us. We have lined up other Nollywood superstars such as Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze of the Aki na PawPaw fame to visit Malawi shortly.”

Memes with the bored Davido face have gone viral on social media in Malawi.

Source: Malawi24

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