Kenya: Two 11year Old Grade 5 Female Pupils Caught Leaving School to Sleep with Men

These Kenyan girls were caught red-handed on hidden camera by some security agents who saw when they were changing their school uniform to some normal wears so they won’t be recognized as students.

So the security men silently followed them to their secret hide-out, and behold some men were already waiting for them there.

But so unfortunately for them, before they could start engaging in their ungodly act, the security men busted them.

So during an open confession, the 2 female students uncovered how it all happened

It happens that one of their friends (an older lady) has been the one arranging men who pays them some huge amount of money just to sleep with them. So all they do is to sneak out of school during break time so that before the school dismisses they must have been through with the men and quickly return home so their parents won’t suspect them.

Change their uniforms to some casual wears on their way to the hide-out so that people won’t be able to recognise them easily. And return home exactly the school dismissal time. And guess what, these girls have been doing it for almost a year

-Gossip Mill

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