Ugandan maid who sparked outrage when she was filmed beating, kicking and stamping on 18-month-old child is jailed for four years

A Ugandan maid who sparked outrage when she was filmed stomping on a toddler has been jailed for four years. Jolly Tumuhirwe, 22, was filmed beating and kicking 18-month-old Aneela Kamanzi after she vomited while eating dinner. Horrifying footage, caught on a hidden camera by the girl’s father, showed Tumuhirwe attacking the child who had been left in her care

Sentencing Tumuhirwe, Chief Magistrate Lillian Buchan said the nanny had committed an ‘unjustifiable and inexcusable’ crime. She said the four-year sentence reflected the ‘ruthlessness exhibited’ on an ‘innocent, helpless child’. Tumuhirwe was caught attacking the child when her father, Eric Kamanzi, noticed that his daughter was bruised and limping.

Mr Kamanzi is reported to have beaten Tumuhirwe, who had been working for the family for three months at the time, ‘to a pulp’ after watching the video.

The nanny later reported the assault to police and Mr Kamanzi was arrested after admitting he had attacked her.

But after showing police the security tapes of the assault on Aneela, the charges against the father, who works for an NGO in Kampala


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