Big Brother Africa Hotshots – Yesterday and Today’s reveal

Resa (Zambia), Nhlanhla (South Africa), Permithias (Namibia), Samantha (South Africa), Sheilla (Botswana) and Sabina (Kenya)

Namibia: Permithias Age: 25
Professional sushi chef Permithias unsurprisingly lists sushi as one of his favourite foods, alongside pizza. He doesn’t have a favourite book, but enjoys watching The Originals on TV. A fan of animation, Permithias’ favourite films are Turbo and Happy Feet, while he also likes the music of Chris Brown, James Blunt and Joe Tomas.

South Africa: Nhlanhla Age: 24
Nhlanhla is from Witbank in South Africa, and is a Business Analyst, Actor and Model with an Honours degree in Information Systems. He loves fresh butternut soup, lamb shank & vegetables and cottage cheese pie. His favourite books include Animal Farm and The Great Gatsby and he enjoys Game of Thrones, Shameless, Suits and Heroes on TV. He lists Brad Pitt and Will Smith as two of his favourite actors.

Zambia: Resa Age: 25
Lusaka-born Resa is an Event Planner,MC and Public Speaker. She entered Big Brother Hotshots in the hope of winning the grand prize and being able to pay off her mother’s debts. ‘She has moved heaven and earth to ensure that I get my honours degree and in the process she has incurred debts,’ says Resa.

Botswana: Sheilla Age: 21
Sheilla is a student from Gaborone in Botswana, currently studying an AAT Diploma. She entered Big Brother Hotshots because she believes that ‘it’s a platform for people like me who were born for the spotlight. It puts us out there to succeed in our careers – in my case, my music career’.

Kenya: Sabina Age: 28
Sabina is a TV & Media Personality from Mombasa. She has a Degree in Finance and is working on a post graduate diploma in Humanitarian Studies and Diplomacy.

South Africa: Samantha Age: 29
Self-employed former law student Samantha is from Potchefstroom in South Africa’s North West Province. She loves sushi and Indian food and her favourite TV shows include 2 Broke Girls and Person of Interest, and she likes the music of Taylor Swift,Rihanna, Davido and Drake.

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