10 Signs He’ll Make A Bad Husband

#1 His Vanity Knows No Bounds
Men – we like a man that takes care of himself, but unless you fancy a total change, beware a man who loves himself more than you. If he looks at himself in the mirror more than he looks at you, it’s already doomed to fail.

#2 Money Is His God
In the words of that well known group ‘The Beatles’, money can’t buy you love, but if you dream of Dolce Gabanna and crave Jimmy Choos, then it will help. Shallow perhaps,but marry a man with money to burn, the loveable but poor Mr Right will eventually be Mr Wrong.

#3 Drinking After Work
Go back a few decades, and after a hard days work, men would meet in the pub for a well earned pint whilst their dutiful wife made a hearty meal which was to be ready on the table when their husband arrived home. But fast forward to now and everything has changed. If your future husband has failed to keep up and still thinks that this out dated tradition is in fashion, then it is time to pour a pint over his head and send him packing.

#4 Lack Of Cleanliness
If he doesn’t invite you back to his place ever, it may be that he has something to hide. But if he does invite you back and you find a level of cleanliness that makes you want to regurgitate, it is probably time for YOU to hide. Cleanliness doesn’t make a good husband, but dirt is a sign that you are heading for trouble on the domestic front.

#5 – He Makes You Clean All The Time!
Cleaning can be good – cleaning can be therapeutic – but when both parties in a relationship work equally long hours, it is not just one person’s job, especially when the least willing party is the messier. If he buys you floral fragranced toilet cleaner and not a dozen red roses on Valentine’s Day, the writing’s on the wall.

#6 He Has No Paternal Instinct
If we are to follow nature to the letter, then your marriage will hopefully lead to the pitter patter of tiny feet. But if the sound of a crying baby makes him wince and shudder, where as you crave that maternal bond, then it’s likely he’s not the fella for you. Carry on the search, focusing on men who lurk around Mothercare and the Early Learning Centre.

#7 He’s A Real Life Beer Monster
Alcohol – the majority of us enjoy a tipple and as long as we keep within the recommended guidelines for health, it seems it is doing us no harm. But if your future husband drinks the weekly allowance in a day then displays very suspect behaviour, then things are likely to get worse before they get better, if they ever will. Take this as a lucky escape and leave somebody else to pick up the pieces.

#8 He’s A Top Shelf Mag Reader
Having a stash of lads mags under your bed when you’re single isn’t exactly crime of the century, but if they are still there months into your relationship, take this as a sign that his long term commitment potential is dubious. Move on, and look for a husband whose idea of a mag under the bed is the latest copy of ‘Bridal’ magazine.

N.B. this also applies to the digital equivalent on his hard drive!

#9 Football Comes First
If his idea of art is a Pele poster, he takes his packed lunch to work in a football shirt shaped plastic box, and he disappears every Saturday afternoon without a plausible excuse, you may well have fallen victim to a football addict. There is no cure, not even marriage, so if you are not willing to accept it, then he is likely to be bad husband material. Move on…

#10 – Computer Games Are King
Boy’s Toys – they have their place,and even a boyish charm, but there is a point where enough is enough. Marriage is about respect and love for the other party at the centre, so if a console game is nudging its way in, then two’s company, but three’s a crowd.

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