USA: President Barack Obama Offered Free Marijuana in Denver

President Obama paid Denver, Colorado a visit last night prior to his speech today in the city’s Cheesman Park. In town to help raise money for Senator Mark Udall,Obama walked through the city’s streets, smiling, laughing, and tossing high fives to Denver.

In true Mile High form, one Denver-ite, without missing a beat, asks President “BHO” if he’d like to inhale some legal weed. Unfortunately, Obama declined with a chuckle.

“Want a hit, man?” may not go down as one of the defining moments of Obama’s career. But it’s certainly an emblematic phrase, showing how much marijuana policy has progressed during Obama’s reign–and despite his sometimes wary approach.

While all out legalization or decriminalization probably won’t come on Obama’s watch,
his administration’s decision to let states do make their own rules has laid the
framework for America’s legal future.

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