Zambia/Africa: Big Brother Audition Dates, Venue Announced

Story from the Tumfweko Websit

With the announcement of the ninth edition of Africa’s biggest reality series BIG BROTHER AFRICA kicking off in September, fans are already asking… who will the new housemates be? Who will find their names and their faces gracing newspapers? Though the biggest of all questions remain: When are the auditions? No more question, the audition dates and venue for this most watched reality show is set! Read more:

One thought on “Zambia/Africa: Big Brother Audition Dates, Venue Announced”

  1. unity and equality without corruption auditions would be more effective on youths there are a lot of us that would love to present zambia at the Big Brother show but because we’ve got no connections whatsoever if you try to turn to this one they need money.fairness no corruption equality respect and unity is the only key to even make a representative win.i would love to audition.

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