Zambia: 2,000 locals employed at FQM’s Kalumbila Mine

Story from the Times of ZambiaFIRST Quantum Minerals

FIRST Quantum Minerals (FQM) has employed 2000 Zambians at Sentinel Mine at Kalumbila, 120 kilometres west of Solwezi. Click here for the Full Story


7 thoughts on “Zambia: 2,000 locals employed at FQM’s Kalumbila Mine”

  1. I would like to know how these people are getting employed because i also wish to apply and be part of the employees and contribute my vast experience to the productoin at Kalumbila.
    I am a qualified artisan rigger with 13 years of experience. And currently unemployed after my contract with Aveng GLTA come to and end on 31.03.13.

    1. i wud lyk 2 the knw.wen ar u going to start employing ?coz am a grade opeator .to make it short all levels machine operator aged never mind 25 yrs.worked with several companies.yours kasongo

  2. Am backhoe excavator operator with 2years experiance and also have do a hydrualic front shovel excavator.So i’m looking for a job as an hydrualic front shovel excavator operator without experiance.

  3. Am studying as a safety officer at copperstone university am looking for attachments by August at your company

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